Access All Your Data Anywhere with NewLeaf Sync

NewLeaf sync enables veterinarians offering a mobile veterinary service to take NewLeaf Vet veterinary software off-site on their veterinary visits at client's house or farm. Also to remote locations where there is no internet coverage.

Mobile veterinarians can visit remote locations with NewLeaf Sync
NewLeaf Sync offers two-way data sync between the mobile computer and the veterinary clinic.

Convenient to sync between visits throughout the day. Works fast and reliable over mobile internet.

For veterinarians operating a mobile veterinary service in an area with patchy internet coverage NewLeaf Sync can provide the required mobile facility.

Work Efficiently with Your Team

  • New veterinary appointments are made by receptionist and synced to the veterinarian working in the field

    With NewLeaf Sync you can draw on your team to help manage the mobile visit round. Get updated with all the details or new appointments as the clinic receptionist takes new bookings from clients phoning during the day. As well as notice of rescheduled appointments.

  • Veterinarian processes payments at client's house

    Process payment on the spot to cut office administration time later and print the invoice receipt from a printer in your van.

  • Clinic receptionist processes payment over the phone and emails invoice to client

    ...or let your receptionist process the payment over the phone and email the invoice receipt to the client. Your receptionist has all the client's consultation details and charges instantly when you sync after the visit.

Print Drug Labels

Print drug label via wifi to drug label printer in van

Mobile veterinarians can have a drug label printer in their van connected via wireless network and use NewLeaf Vet's auto-print drug label function when dispensing medications.

Route Planning

Display town on appointment header on day planner to easily plan the route.

Veterinary visit round route planning

Client address sheet for the day's appointments can be viewed on-screen or printed.

Client appointment list for veterinary visit round

Data Certainty with Fast Access

  • All operations in NewLeaf Vet veterinary software are fully functional

    All data is stored locally on the laptop so you are certain to always have your data even without internet and the data access time is instant. All software features in NewLeaf Vet on the laptop are available so you have full access to all your data.

  • Laptop used for veterinary visit round can be connected on clinic LAN

    When the mobile laptop is not used on a veterinary visit round, it can be connected to the clinic's local area network and used as a workstation in the clinic.

  • Multiple mobile veterinarians can work from the same clinic base

    Multiple mobile veterinarians can operate out of the same clinic.

NewLeaf Sync Facts

  • One time easy setup
  • Easy to use for both veterinarians and nurses at client visits
  • Has stood the test of time: Used by mobile veterinarians for more than 5 years
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Includes simple tools to oversee and verify data integrity
  • All data is synced in both directions
  • Syncing is fast and on demand to fit with visit schedule
  • Sync via internet or local computer network
  • Handles product usage for correct stock control.
NewLeaf Sync Database Synchronisation

Currently NewLeaf Sync is Used By:

  • Mobile veterinarians operating out of a stationary clinic
  • Mobile veterinarians having a office base where a receptionist handles appointments and payments
  • Veterinary nurses for medication supply visits
  • Practice managers checking accounts at home
  • Veterinarians who only have a couple of house calls in a week. The remaining time the mobile computer is connected to the clinic's network as an additional workstation
  • Practices where two mobile veterinarians operate out of the same stationary clinic or office base.