Billing and Payment of Veterinary Consultations and Counter Sales

NewLeaf Vet contains everything needed for daily billing and payment in a veterinary practice. The point of sale is a central place for dealing with all financial transactions. Seamless interface between consultations and invoices makes it easy to move between consultation visits and their associated invoices.


  • Invoices are easily searchable and can be grouped into paid, partly paid or unpaid
  • Easily see which consultation visits are not yet invoiced
  • When a client has multiple animals for veterinary treatment the consultations are listed on the point of sale and can be collected onto a single invoice

Payment Handling is Flexible to Cater for All Situations

  • Invoices can be paid in part or full
  • Multiple payment methods can be used in one payment transaction
  • Optional automatic processing fee is applied to credit card payments
  • Receptionist is notified if the client has an available credit amount in their account

Paying Multiple Invoices

  • NewLeaf Vet alerts the receptionist of any outstanding past invoices when the client is ready to pay
  • All the client's outstanding invoices are listed showing how much is owing on each one
  • User defines how much to pay on each invoice and the payment methods used
  • A payment summary can be printed as receipt to save paper and optionally the individual invoices

View multi-pay screen in full size


  • Clients can make prepayments into their account

Entering Invoice and Payment Transactions for Previous Days

  • Custom date can be set to input invoice and payment transactions for previous days. It is useful when processing internet banking deposits or making billing corrections before sending out the monthly statements for credit approved clients

Refunds and Product Returns

  • Refunds can be paid out in cash, applied as payment to outstanding invoices or credited to the client's account for future payments
  • Part quantities can be refunded and the price for returned items adjusted
  • Common reasons for returns are provided by NewLeaf Vet and can be supplemented or replaced with a user input note. The reason will be printed on the credit memo given to the client and is also saved to the client's account for record keeping
  • Optionally stock adjustment can be made for returned products