Scheduling Veterinary Visits and Client Arrival Management

The day planner makes it quick and easy to schedule and manage appointments for veterinary visits. It gives you a visual overview of the day in the practice and also functions as a notice board for staff for example: "Book light: only 2 vets working today" or "Amanda to shelter this PM".

Quick to Add New Appointments

The receptionist can input the minimal details when taking bookings over the phone to save time. Then fill in the rest of the details when the client arrives.

Instant Client Lookup

If you are not sure if client has been here before it is instant to look the client up in the database. If the client is not found a new record is created based on the name searched so it doesn't have to be re-typed.

Rescheduling Appointments

Easily reschedule or cancel appointments.

Client Arrivals Management

See when clients have arrived and how long they have been waiting.

Quick to Reference Appointment Info

Only essential appointment information - owner, patient and reason for visit - is visible on appointments so it can be referenced with a quick glance. Additional details including client contact numbers can be viewed in hover hint.

Open Consultation Record

The full client/patient record is opened on the relevant consultation visit by double clicking the appointment.

Day Planner is Quick to Navigate

The user can immediately navigate to any day by going forward and back in time by day / week / month / year, or directly to a specific date. And can return to today's day from anywhere with a single click.

Day Planner Notes

Staff can make notes on the day planner with custom subject and text for notifications and internal communications.