Consultation and Medical History

Notes for consultation visits are entered efficiently and with consistency using the productivity tools inbuilt in NewLeaf Vet veterinary software.

Shorthand Macros

A macro is a predefined notes template that is inserted into the consultation visit notes with a shorthand key sequence.

Using macros:

  • speeds up writing medical history for the consultation visit
  • ensures notes are complete and consistent across staff

NewLeaf Vet comes with a set of predefined templates which you can modify to suit your veterinary practice, or you can define your own. Each veterinarian can have their own templates for their particular speciality.

Examples of macros:

  • Acupuncture template

    Alarm Points -
    GB25, GB24, LIV 14, LIV 13, CV3, CV4, CV 5, ST25, CV 12, CV 14, CV17, LU 1
    Back Shu -
    BL 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

    Constitutional Type - Wood/Fire/Earth/Metal/Water
    Overall Constitution - Yin/Yang
    Qi Assessment - normal/deficient/excess
    Organs affected
    Disease Type - Yin / Yang Ext/Int Hot/Cold Full/Empty

    Other comments -

    TCM Diagnosis -

    Treatment Principle -

    Treatment 1
    Points used -
    Client instructions -
  • Dental Cleaning Canine template

    Premed: PAC Ace/Butorphanol Combo __ cc SQ
    Induced with Propofol 10mg/mL __ cc IV
    Antibiotics: Pen G __ cc SQ
    Pain Meds: Morphine 15mg/mL __ cc SQ, Metacam 5mg/mL __ cc SQ scruff
    IV fluids administered throughout dental procedure at a rate of __ ml/hr.
    Patient intubated and maintained on 2% isoflurane and 1L of oxygen.

    Dental Charting: Grade __ Dental Disease. See dental chart.
    Please monitor the following teeth __ , __ for ...
    The teeth were scaled, polished and fluoride gel was applied.
  • SOAP template


    Physical Exam:

Other Useful Productivity Tools

Auto-complete to automatically complete words or phrases as you type is another useful tool. New additions can be added to the auto-complete list on the fly. Shortcut to insert current date/time and spell-checker with ability to add new words to its vocabulary.

Full Medical History Onscreen

View the patient's full medical history on screen or skip back through previous consultation visits for reference.

View medical history in large size

Seamless Integration with Client and Patient Record

The consultation visit record is seamlessly integrated with the client and patient record. The patient's consultation visit history is summarised below the patient details and each consultation can be accessed directly from here.

Reason for Visit

The reason for the veterinary consultation visit is expressed with a treatment category and an optional free hand note. Using a combination of preset and freehand input is powerful because it saves time and ensures neat consistent entries. It eliminates repeatedly typing common consultation reasons like vaccination, microchip or suture removal. Using the two fields together you can develop an effective shorthand.

Consistency makes it quicker to read the reason for visit on the day planner. Treatment categories are user defined and can be colour coded for quick identification.