New Leaf Vet
Complete veterinary practice management for long term business growth.

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Windows Server

NewLeaf Vet offers an unbeatable price with great expandability for the future. While being cost effective for the small business at the same time its scalability offers all the features required by large multi-user clinics, we supply some of the busiest veterinary clinics around the world... and equally single operators.

  • No setup fee
  • Lifetime royalty-free license
  • Free training for as long as you need

Grow Your Veterinary Practice with NewLeaf Vet

Your business grows from the attention you give to it. And no business grows without continuous, directed, purposeful attention.

That's why NewLeaf Vet is not designed to just automate everything. Certainly it provides shortcuts through repetitive tasks, but never at the expense of you staying connected with what you are doing. The software guides each task (without getting in the way) so you and your team stay focused and organised throughout the day.

NewLeaf Vet is a tool at your command to manage, monitor and grow every aspect of your business. In every detail.

Super-Charged Performance and Packed with Features

Our team's unflagging resolve to achieve the fastest performance with the most efficient use of computer resources results in a positive and responsive user-experience.

NewLeaf Vet is known for its ultra fast speed, work-horse reliability and ease of use.

Inputs from an active community of clients in more than 8 countries shapes NewLeaf Vet to meet the needs of a modern veterinary practice.

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To Sum Up

The scalability of NewLeaf Vet software package makes it particularly attractive for single user or small business in terms of pricing structure, support and software efficiency enabling it to run on a wide range of inexpensive hardware. Also we give free training to introduce you to the straightforward user interface for as long as you need. The great scalability also enables the same software suite to scale up to very busy, high work load clinics using many work stations, so it's good for long term growth.