NewLeaf Veterinary Software Feature Overview

NewLeaf Vet is a comprehensive veterinary software to manage all aspects of a veterinary practice. Main features are listed here with a few key points about each.
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Workflow management +

  • Make better use of time and staff resources by managing clinic workflow
  • Improve team cooperation
  • Create a coherent experience of the veterinary visit for clients
  • Keep down waiting time for clients upon arrival and when ready to pay
  • Pass on message to staff member that will next interact with the client
  • Define any workflow lists relevant to your clinic
  • Integrated with appointment scheduler, consultation screen and point of sale
  •

Appointment scheduling +

  • Quickly book new appointments by inputting just minimal information
  • Easily reschedule and cancel appointments
  • Reference appointment details such as name and reason for visit at a glance
  • Double click to open full consultation record for any booking
  • Manage client arrivals with waiting list
  • Fast planner navigation forward and back in time
  • Post notes for staff
  •

Search with versatile locate options +

Instantly locate any client, patient or consultation record from anywhere in the software.

  • Locate client on any part of name, address, phone, email, or client notes
  • Easy to check if client already exist in database before starting a new client record
  • Locate patient by name, microchip, rabies tag, breed, or patient notes
  • Use partial search term
  • Use multiple search terms, e.g client surname and patient name
  • Quickly find any past, present or future consultation
  • Locate consultation on date/time, staff member, medical history notes, dispensed product or treatment

Client and patient records management +

  • Easily return to recent records using the automatically maintained bookmark list
  • Well-organized information, easy to retrieve
  • Automatic capitalization of names and addresses
  • Postal database lookup
  • Record distance to client's property to auto-calculate travel costs for house visits
  • Note useful information with each phone and email contact, e.g. contact hours
  • Overview of all patients for a client with one-click access to details
  • Deceased animal marked with colour coding
  • Patient consultation overview list with one-click access to any consultation
  • Store documents, lab results and images with the patient record
  • Printable registration form for new clients and for keeping contact details up to date for existing clients
  • Easily move patient to other client in case of ownership change
  •

Consultation and medical history +

Quick, consistent and accurate record keeping across all staff members using powerful inbuilt tools:

  • Auto-complete words and phrases
  • Shorthand key sequence to insert predefined note templates
  • Shortcut to record current date/time
  • Spell-checker
  • Optionally show consultation on appointment scheduler
  • 'ToDo' status list for completing medical histories by staff member
  • Print monitoring forms and cage cards
  • View on-screen or print full medical history
  •

In-patients and boarding guests management +

  • Record drug and treatment dispensing date/times for the benefit of attending nurses
  • Print dispensing date/times on invoice to show client full history of stay

Dental charting +

  • Record tooth abnormalities, pocket depths, gingivitis, plaque and calculus indexes as well as other tooth and gum conditions
  • Colour coded visual representation of the patient's oral health
  • Quick data entry using shorthand key navigation
  • Dental chart history to follow patient's oral health
  • Base new chart on patient's previous chart
  • Print chart
  •

Adding services and drug charges +

  • Fast search to locate any item by code or name
  • Locate products with hand-held barcode scanner
  • Auto-print drug labels
  • Dispense by unit or pack
  • Auto-record vaccine information to consultation record
  • Dispensing actions to set vaccine reminders or change desexing status or deceased status
  • Change item price at time of sale, without altering price in database
  • Dispensing fees transparent to the client
  •

Procedure templates +

  • Pre-defined set of services and products that acts as a blue-print for adding charges to a consultation
  • User can define templates for any treatment, for example ceasarian, spey, cranial cruciate etc.
  • Variable inputs, like quantity and price, can be changed at the time of adding the items to the consultation without modifying the existing template
  • Multiple procedures can be added to same consultation
  •

Drug labels +

  • Quick label setup
  • Optionally print red warning and clinic details
  • Optionally print logo or image
  • Print to label of any size
  • Specify font size
  • Print to labels positioned horizontally or vertically in printer
  • Auto-save printed drug labels to history
  • Print labels for repeat prescription from history
  • Flexibility: Have multiple printers of different brand and using different label sizes on the computer network
  • Easy to interface with any standard label printer, for example Turbo, Zebra, Star Micronics, other brands or generic

Stock control +

  • Monitor stock quantities
  • Set low stock alarm level trigger
  • Track stock expenses for a user defined income category, for example 'large animal income'
  • Dispense drugs and other products by unit (e.g weight or volume) or pack/bottle
  • Veterinary supplier integration to update prices from supplier catalogue and stock levels from supplier invoices (add-on feature)
  • Batch updater to update prices per category or across entire database

Taxation +

  • Versatile taxation system to suit any tax requirements
  • Set up prices exclusive or inclusive of tax
  • Tax can be specified per item basis or per item category
  • Tax can be changed for individual items at time of sale
  • Keep historic tax records for past invoices

Billing and payment +

  • Client transaction ledger to track all invoices and payments
  • Collect consultations for all the client's animals onto single invoice
  • Pay invoices in part or full
  • Pay multiple invoices with single payment
  • Handle multiple pay methods in one payment transaction
  • Optional processing fee for credit card payments
  • Take pre-payments
  • Easily refund part or full amount of invoice and record reason for refund
  • Display prices on invoices exclusive or inclusive of tax
  • Print professional, clean invoice with own logo
  • Print invoice to dot matrix receipt printer
  • Create quotations and estimates and easily convert them into invoices
  •

Accounts Receivable +

  • Add-on feature to handle accounts receivable
  • Use monthly or bi-monthly accounting cycle
  • User defined date range for ad-hoc statements
  • Helpful wizard to guide the user through accounting process
  • Check accounts and easily make corrections to veterinary charges and payments as needed
  • Apply account fees
  • User definable payment due by date
  • Print itimized statements with clear breakdown of veterinary service charges
  • Print consolidated invoice in place of itemised statement eliminating the need to send individual invoices for the client's taxation purposes
  • Print past due statements showing ageing debt breakdown
  • Manage client accounts by setting statuses for tax exempt, credit approved, no account fees, bad debtor etc.

Treatment reminders +

  • Send reminders for upcoming treatments by post, SMS or email
  • Print reminders for multiple patients under same client on same card
  • Inbuilt templates for standard postcard sizes (4 cards per page, 3 cards per page)
  • Customize inbuilt templates with own logo and images
  • NewLeaf Vet will automatically adapt the wording on the card for overdue reminders
  • Set multiple reminders for a patient
  • Track client compliance and take follow up action where required
  • Set reminders for consultations follow up phone calls
  • View reminders list per staff member

Hand outs and client communications +

NewLeaf Vet contains templates for written client communication in clear, friendly and professional language.

  • After care sheets
  • prescription scheduling
  • vaccination and sterilization certificates
  • consent forms
  • chemotherapy advice sheet and more

User-definable SMS and email templates for communications to the client.

  • Message is personalized with the client/patient name and other merged details
  • Send SMS or email directly from client record
  • All documents, invoices and printouts can be emailed to the client

Custom document designer +

With the custom document designer add-on feature the user can create and design their own documents using a powerful drag and drop design screen with full and easy access to the main database data merge fields. Document categorisation is employed along with a number of pre-designed templates making the creation of new documents such as after care sheets, treatment reminders, accounting letters etc. easy to achieve. A powerful cloning facility allows you to build on your previously created documents to create new documents.

Reports, charts and practice management +

A range of reports and charts are available for the practice manager to oversee every aspect of the veterinary practice. All reports and graphs can be viewed on-screen in high quality easy-on-the-eye reading format or printed.

Types of reports include:

  • Medical history and consultation reports
  • Stock reports
  • Income reports and charts to monitor staff performance, income trends and key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Ageing report, bank reconciliation and taxation reports
  • Sales performance reports
  • Database record statistics

Staff login management:

  • Record staff member for certain software actions, such as raising an invoice
  • Configure user login to balance security and convenience

Security management:

  • Choose which software features to password protect
  • 3 levels of password to limit access by staff group

Remote and local backup +

  • One time easy setup
  • Automatic backup at intervals throughout the day
  • Hot backup transparent to the user
  • Backup to remote location (encrypted)
  • Backup to local drive or USB flash drive
  • Backup to multiple locations simoultaneously
  •

System performance and networking +

  • Ultra-fast performance
  • Light on system resources
  • Ideal for laptops and netbooks as well as desktop PCs and servers
  • Works on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / Windows Server
  • Locally installed software for better security and reliability
  • Automatic data refresh across all networked computers
  • Network load balance to ensure maximised performance on large networks
  • Uses 'notify-refresh' model doing away with unnecessary data refresh polling requests
  • Inter-PC message communication system

User interface +

  • Intuitive and quick to learn for new users
  • Clutter-free screens
  • Fine-tuned to underpin workflow of veterinarians and nurses
  • Shortcuts to speed up actions
  • Colour coding and clear message feedback
  • Quick and easy to input and retrieve data
  • User-definable screen colours

Local help manual +

  • Manual opens on relevant help topic from anywhere in the software
  • Easy to understand
  • Step-by-step instructions, brief and to the point
  • Practical usage examples and illustrations

Remote access +

  • Take NewLeaf Vet with you on house and farm visits
  • Sync on demand between visits
  • Two-way syncing with clinic
  • Ideal for mobile veterinarians operating in an area with patchy internet
  • Have all your data with you on your laptop/netbook for peace of mind
  • Instant access to locally stored data, faster than a web-based system
  • No restrictions on data input or edit
  • Process payments on the spot
  • Print drug labels, invoices and handouts etc. in the van
  •

Pricing: lifetime royalty-free license and optional support subscription +

  • One-off purchase cost with lifetime royalty-free license
  • 6 month free support included in purchase
  • Optional yearly support subscription
  • Payment plans to get started for as little as $50 per months with full support
  •