Veterinary Data Storage in Firebird SQL Database

NewLeaf Vet veterinary software is powered by the Firebird SQL database engine. A first class database known for its stability and scalability. Widely used by companies, across the world, requiring guarantee of stability, such as businesses in finance, government and medical sectors.

Why We Chose Firebird SQL Database for NewLeaf Vet Veterinary Software

  • Fast performance: based on published, as well as our own, performance test results
  • Mature database with time tested reliability: developed more than 30 years
  • Licensed as true open source: no additional cost or royalties to pass on to users of NewLeaf Vet veterinary software
  • At the forefront of database technology: and continues to be thanks to a large, active developer community
  • Integrated installation: shipped with NewLeaf Vet installer and no administration required after initial setup

How We Evaluated Prominent Commercial and Open Source Databases

We assessed several of the most prominent commercial and open source SQL databases before deciding on Firebird SQL database for NewLeaf veterinary software.

  • We tested the performance of each database. Tests included:
    • Data access speed on large volumes of data
    • Reliability
    • Network performance
  • To evaluate future support and development of the database we researched the project management of each database
  • It had importance how easy it would be for clients to install and manage
  • And lastly, licensing was taken into consideration

Fast Performance

Of all the databases tested we found that Firebird SQL database had the fastest performance. Significantly.

Almost every function performed in veterinary software involves getting data from, or sending data to, the database. Therefore database performance directly affects how fast the software operates.

In our database design we make extensive use of SQL database procedures. A procedure, as the name suggest, is constructed to carry out a certain task. That could be to generate a consultation history report, or to list all outstanding invoices. Procedures often processes large volumes of data. The speed gain for procedures is therefore particularly noticeable.

Firebird database server utilises multiple cores in the computer processor. Processing simultaneous data requests in parallel. Veterinary clinics with many users retrieving and saving data simultaneously on networked computers will particularly benefit. Multi-core utilisation speeds up every operation. It also prevents the software becoming un-responsive as a result of one task having to wait for the previous task to finish.

Firebird has a small foot print, as this article on Firebird performance testing explains and emphasizes in its summary. Using few system resources means the database server operates with no overhead. It is conducive to the snappy and lightweight operation of NewLeaf Vet veterinary software. It also contributes to the system being reliable and stable, there is less that can go wrong.

  • Small footprint
  • Support for CPU multi-core technology
  • Rapid response time on busy network
  • Scales with application needs and database size

Mature Database with Time Tested Stability

Based on a commercial database Firebird has more than 30 years development. As the database engine for NewLeaf Vet veterinary software, it has proven itself to be a remarkable stable database. Living up to its reputation, it is virtually unbreakable.

  • True client / server system providing maximum stability
  • Supports an unlimited local and remote connections
  • Works on both x32 / x64 operating systems

Open Source Licence

Firebird SQL database is open source. No royalties and cost for us to pass on to veterinary clinics. That is reflected in our prices. It also enables us to offer a support subscription that is optional.

Commercial databases carry high costs. The software company pays for utilising the database. The end user (the veterinary clinic) pays for each deployed instance of the database. Networked computers are additional. On top of this both the software company and the end user pays a yearly royalty.

At the end of the day all costs will have to be passed on, directly or indirectly, to the veterinary clinic. NewLeaf veterinary software does not have such expenses to pass on, being powered by Firebird open source database.

Forefront of Database Technology

Supported by a large, active community of developers it remains a cutting edge database. Development is managed by a core group of developers ensuring that Firebird SQL database continues to sustain its high quality.

Integrated Installation

Database server installation and connection is principally pre-configured by us. A few simple steps is carried out by the end user, the practice manager or IT technician at the veterinary clinic. Once set up there is no further administration to do.