New Leaf Vet
Complete Veterinary Practice Management

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / Windows Server


For more than 12 years we have been dedicated to providing top class veterinary practice management software at a exceptional price to veterinary clinics and mobile veterinarians. Veterinarians, practice managers and veterinary nurses continue to make valuable contributions ensuring that NewLeaf Vet keeps on growing and refining.


Our core principle of designing every screen to clearly communicate how to perform a task has allowed us to create a user-interface that is truly intuitive. The interface helps users focus in their work. Not only does NewLeaf Vet thereby support workflow in the clinic it is also a veterinary practice management software that is enjoyable to use.


Our development team paid attention to efficient use of computer resources, particularly memory and processor overhead. Unlike many programmes, NewLeaf Vet software makes direct connection to the database server without intermediate software drivers or data links. Resulting in a positive and responsive user experience. NewLeaf Vet contains all the software it needs in one super compact integrated package.

Exceptional Value for Money

Frequently users feedback to us that NewLeaf Vet software package is the best value for money available. Especially as the purchase price includes six months of free support giving you instant access to personal phone and email tuition from our friendly and helpful staff.

Thank you for all of your help and providing me with a great, affordable product that suits my needs.

Dr Christopher M. Gorencel, DVM. Louisiana, USA

Access All Your Data Anywhere with NewLeaf Sync

NewLeaf Sync keeps your data up to date when you are off-site. Moreover it also keeps the clinic's data up to date with the changes you make. Used by mobile veterinarians for over 5 years it has stood the test of time. Syncing is fast, reliable and on demand to fit with your visit schedule. And even without internet you have all your data with you. NewLeaf Sync offers off-site usage that is more flexible than a web-based system and with faster local data access.

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